Veganism Today (Chatroll Project)

Veganism Today

This is what the chatroom would appear like on Veganism Today Veganism Today is a website offering content related to vegan choices and veganism in general. In today’s world, veganism is about voting. Let me explain… I believe that whenever you pay for something, you vote for it and you affirm that you agree with … Read more

Grow plants indoors. Great lamp!

grow plants indoors with this Perfect indoors growing lamp

Looking to start your garden early this year? Here is a perfect little lamp to help you grow plants indoors! It can be purchased here from This Grow Lights can be used for indoor gardening and for plants. It provides your plants with the light spectrum they need the most: blue and red (The … Read more

Best Phone Car Mount Ever!

Simply the best car mount I ever purchased! Once I tried it out, I loved it so much I ended up purchasing a slew for everyone I knew. Once my colleagues at work saw it, everybody got me to order one for them and their friends as well… It has two possible settings to fit … Read more

Reach a broader audience with Multi Channel Marketing (MCM)

Multi Channel Marketing The market is ever changing and sometimes it even changes faster than technology.  We can help you achieve your goals with our marketing knowledge and our ability to find the solutions that will fit your budget and schedule. Reach a broader audience with Multi-Channel-Marketing (MCM) Combine multiple platforms to get better results. … Read more